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Future: Beta Hubby

Even for those business-school women, their hookup years are likely to end up as a series of photographs, buried somewhere on their Facebook page, that they do or don’t share with their husband—a memory that they recall fondly or sourly, but that hardly defines them. Feel the “love.”. Advertisements

Garmlich Effect = Preselection

As you succeed with women, you will find that women lead to more women.  While South Park offers a juvenile look at this (boybands and evil corporations), some truth exists that women like what other women like.

When Men Have No Standards

I see a lot of complaints among the Red Pill community by how modern girls behave.  Whether it’s trashing their bodies, wearing clothes that can’t even be classified as clothes, or acting any way they desire (in a nutshell), the answer for this behavior is quite simple: 1.  Many men don’t have standards. 2.  Many […]

Young Men: Sex, Lust and the Marriage Dilemma

According to modern Christianity, sexual intercourse before marriage is wrong.  Leaving aside the context of these Scriptures forbidding this, let’s assume that this is exactly the advice that Solomon, Jesus, Paul and James would offer in today’s modern time.  Young Christian men, therefore, face some problems: The most Biblical thing to do is marry as […]

Accountability Is Good

A paternity test, like a random porn check, is holding your partner accountable. A young man found out that a three year old child is not his.  However, he’s financially responsible because of his trust in his partner.  He who has eyes, let him read.

Promiscuity and the Bible Part 1

 This is the first of an multiple part series on the Bible and promiscuity: no one part of this series should be read as a sole defense of promiscuity, as this series investigates this Christian view as a whole. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of […]

Understanding the Ages of Women

If you’re going to understand women and their agenda, the page Ages of Women is an imperative read.  This will save you a ton of time, energy and money throughout your life.