Welcome To The Christian Player

This blog is devoted to my adventures as a servant of Jesus Christ, a man who hooks up with many women, and the various adventures I’ll experience along the way.  Most importantly, I want to address the growing disparity of young men missing in church and abandoning our Creator, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Young men are leaving church because most Christian churches are castrating young men and they feel that they have to choose between Jesus Christ and being a man.

Ironically, all of this anti-male sentiment is not Biblical, which I’ll show as I write on this blog.  Jesus, Solomon, Paul and many other men in the Bible would support what some men in the Red Pill community call “game” or “pick up.”

If you’re a Christian and a young man and you’ve struggled, be sure to let me know.  I’ve been there and this blog is devoted to helping you.



  1. keep it up, CP. I’ll be sure to keep reading.

  2. Well done. You’re on my feed, we are simpatico. I hope you gain a great audience. Good luck.


  3. evil.genius123@gmail.com · · Reply

    Here is a problem how in any way hooking up with multiple women is christian? Unless your definition of hooking up is non-sexual except for your wife.

  4. Evil – How is it not?

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