“You’ll NEVER Win”

Some of the comments over at this post from Rollo Tomassi show exactly how beta our culture has become.  Some of the people posting comments point out that even if you follow game to a tee, that you still may end up losing in the long run: she may find someone else; she may take you to the financial cleaners; she may eat away at your soul, etc.

So you may lose time, money, energy, companionship and whatever else is included in the etc.

Death will take it all away from you too.  And her.  There’s another wall in life for both genders and it’s called death.  And here’s another secret for you, death never loses (now, if you’re a Christian, Jesus won).

Here’s the deal (from a secular standpoint) – it’s not about game, it’s not about winning, it’s not about who-can-outdo-the-other, it’s not about the etc.  It’s about this: freeing yourself from having, finding peace and happiness from doing, and enjoying the freedom from that.  We can control what we do, but we will NEVER be able to control what we have.  And yes, that includes a girl/boy.

So if your entire focus in game is to manage your girl/boy, you’ve already lost.  Game is about learning how to do and enjoying the doing process while eliminating all the expectations of having.

You may never have anyone, and still absolutely love everything you do.


One comment

  1. Congratulations on your new site. The title by which you choose to identify yourself carries with it great responsibilities. Comport yourself accordingly. You have my best wishes and prayers.

    The convergence of faithful men of Christ and game technique is about to occur, and you have identified yourself with this tipping point. Gone are the stupid canards about incompatibility, those lingering prejudices of Game 1.0 that still seem to stir up ignorant atheists for a moment before they disappear back into their slough of despond.

    I especially like that your blog is set up to publish cleanly on iPad Safari browser, unlike all the other WordPress sites, including this one. Godspeed, brother.


    Cross-posted at Rollo’s

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