Accountability Is Good

A paternity test, like a random porn check, is holding your partner accountable.

A young man found out that a three year old child is not his.  However, he’s financially responsible because of his trust in his partner.  He who has eyes, let him read.


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  1. Paternity tests should be de rigueur now for any man wanting to become a father. They are cheap, safe, and reliable. With a newborn they can be done on the downlow.

    1. Have this discussion with a wife before marriage. Say matter of factly that you want paternity tests on any children born to your marriage. It is for not only the father’s protection, but also for that of the child. For medical reasons and to determine predisposition to heritable medical or genetic conditions, the child has a right to know who his/her biological father is.

    2. Get the test done as part of the routine battery of blood tests while the neonate is at the hospital.

    3. If you cannot get it done there, get a home cheek swab test. The putative father should test himself and the infant; and the mother if she will agree. If she will not agree, the putative father should test himself and the infant. The cheek swab test will still have a high level of confidence with only the father and the infant.

    4. The putative father must not agree to have his name listed on the child’s birth certificate as the father until he has had the paternity test done. Know the laws of your state. In some states, a man listed on the BC as the father is on the hook for support, even if he later turns out not to be the father.

    5. Know and respond to the usual female objections:

    a. “You don’t trust me! You’re accusing me of cheating!”
    response: I haven’t accused you of anything. I told you before I was going to have this done.
    OR: I don’t trust you, because you have given me reason to have the test done.

    b. “You’re just trying to get out of your obligations! Man up and be a father!”
    response: I’m not trying to get out of anything. I want to be sure I have the obligations before I start fulfilling them.

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