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Roosh VS. Christian Nice Guys

I am a Christian who thinks that sex outside of marriage is morally upright in our current time.  This post doesn’t address sex outside of marriage, but another sin – gossip.  The Bible denigrates gossip throughout the Bible, whether you read the OT or the NT.  God despises gossip so much that it makes it […]

Pages Updated

I’ve updated the following pages: Ages of Women Why I Didn’t Reply


I’ll be building a blogroll soon, linking some blogs that I enjoy, which feature pro-man stuff.  Due to a pat-on-the-back mentality of blogging, I tend to avoid blogrolls on other blogs.  However, I like the idea of promoting blogs that help men, so if you want to exchange links, let me know and I’ll be […]

Alphas, Betas and Money

How does your time with a woman look: – I found the most expensive and nice place(s) and paid for everything.  Less than beta. – I found a reasonably priced and decent place(s) and paid for everything.  Beta.  This is what most women will date and marry. – I split the cost of the date. […]

Why Women Enter the Pick-Up Community

Two words: money, traffic. Make no mistake, the Red Pill community, manosphere and pick up community bring in tons of traffic.  And some men are willing to pay a pretty penny for pick up advice.  An attractive woman might find this industry a breeze – not only would her writing appeal to former beta males […]

“What Would Jesus Do?”

One of the dumber arguments against pre-marital sex within Christianity is “Oh yeah, well what would Jesus do?”  Christians act as if Jesus would disapprove of pre-marital sex in our modern world because He cleary disapproved of it in the Roman times.  Of course, if we are to follow Jesus, what about Matthew 5:29-30? 29 If […]

Promiscuity and the Bible Part 2

Note: I am going to make general Biblical references here without posting verses because I expect my readers to either (1) be familiar with the Bible or (2) read the passages as I use them in this post. The Fall (Genesis 3) Women want power.  Any man who knows anything about women or who’s known […]