Promiscuity and the Bible Part 2

Note: I am going to make general Biblical references here without posting verses because I expect my readers to either (1) be familiar with the Bible or (2) read the passages as I use them in this post.

The Fall (Genesis 3)

Women want power.  Any man who knows anything about women or who’s known enough of them in his life knows this.  The Bible also shows us this with The Fall in Genesis 3.  Satan (as a snake) tempts Eve (Genesis 3:1) by offering her God’s power (Genesis 3:5).  Satan does this because he knows that women are susceptible to the temptation of power – he does not tempt Adam at all.  Eve, in the lust to be like God, disobeyed God and sinned.  Many Christians, who lack basic literacy, assume that Adam was part of this sin, though it’s clear from the passage that he was not.

What was Adam’s sin then?  He failed to lead Eve (Genesis 3:6) and followed her orders.  The sin that men tend to struggle with is not a lust for power, but a desire for laziness.  The reason men tend to easily be “betatized” (I prefer this word over betaized, as the latter isn’t even in the form of a valid verb) is because they want someone else to lead so that they don’t have to make decisions.  Submission is easy for men and that’s why they’re okay with it in many cases.

The Curses (Genesis 3:16-19)

Of course, if you actually read the Bible, you see what sin each party was guilt of when God cursed the man and the woman.  What was the man’s curse?  Suffering in labor.  What were the women’s curses?  Suffering in childbirth (1) and a desire have the power over her husband even though he will rule over her (2).  We currently see the second curse in our society being violated by women – they want to have equal power with men (read: more power than men) and refuse to submit.

Men are not called by God to protect, provide and honor women who refuse to submit to God’s curse.  If women refuse to submit to a man’s authority, they are in direct rebellion to God’s curse (similar to a man who refuses to grow from his suffering in labor – and this does not only refer to work).

Men see two pieces of land separated by a body of water.  They complain and spend their lives frustrated by this natural phenomena.  Nothing happens as a result.  Other men experience the same problem, but they build a bridge to connect the lands.  Instead of frustration, they suffer in work, but become better off through their work.  The building of the bridge required work and energy, but made their world better for it (hey, God ultimately knows that men will feel better about themselves when they accept His curse of suffering in work and just do it).

Women refuse to submit to men.  They complain that there are no good men.  They complain that they are lonely.  They complain that they are used.  Their lives suck and they never improve because they refuse to obey God’s curse.  Other women (in the past), obey God’s curse.  Is submission always easy?  Heck no.  But in the long run, they are not lonely, they are happier, and they are not used by men because they obeyed God’s curse and submitted.

God cursed us because we sinned, even though for men and women it was in different ways.  You can either obey God’s curse, or suffer the consequences.  But I can assure you (women), that if you refuse to submit to men, or you screw around and hope to submit later (God knows you’re playing the system), you will be chewed up, spit out, and unhappy.  The same is true for young men who sit around and do nothing but play video games and watch porn – examples of refusing to grow through suffering (hey work and rejection are tough, but lead to growth).  The result of all of this is unhappiness.

God never asked me (or other men) to lead women who refuse to submit.  You may be free from submission to men, but you’re still submitting to us in other ways (heh), just like God said you would.


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  1. just me · · Reply

    re: the curses
    I’ve never heard this explained in such a way that really shakes the tree. Excellent work. It really nails the reasons why things are they way they are between the sexes. And it’s shocking when you see how modern Feminism fits into the equation – with respect to how extremely unhappy those women are… and conversely, why so many “lazy” men, who have otherwise given up on life, are also miserable.

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