Why Women Enter the Pick-Up Community

Two words: money, traffic.

Make no mistake, the Red Pill community, manosphere and pick up community bring in tons of traffic.  And some men are willing to pay a pretty penny for pick up advice.  An attractive woman might find this industry a breeze – not only would her writing appeal to former beta males (women in the Red Pill community do not know anything about attracting women, but their advice is what many former betas want to hear), but her body would appeal to men wanting to get laid and thus they may be willing to pay for a seminar or coaching.

Like the Bible hinders women from teaching men, men willing to take a woman’s advice in dating are asking for problems.  Between Roosh, Heartiste and a hanful of other men, you have plenty of good advice.  Remember, men actually have to do the work to obtain women; women don’t, and don’t have a clue (even if they were lesbians and tried to obtain women, their entire approach would have to be different).

To summarize: listen to the men, chuckle at the women.


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