Alphas, Betas and Money

How does your time with a woman look:

– I found the most expensive and nice place(s) and paid for everything.  Less than beta.
– I found a reasonably priced and decent place(s) and paid for everything.  Beta.  This is what most women will date and marry.
– I split the cost of the date.  Upper beta.
– I split the cost and only did what I wanted.  Lower alpha.
– I made money, did what I wanted, and got what I wanted.  Ultimate alpha.

Added: I guess I could summarize this post in one sentence – a beta is already attached before a date, during and after it while an alpha isn’t.



  1. In a perfect world this guidline would ring true, sadly we don’t live in a perfect world.

    Sometimes “flexblitiy” helps, but even better yet why not do something free for a date like take a walk in a park?

  2. Solo – Good insight on free dates. This post really demonstrates the attitudes of betas and alphas. An alpha is willing to walk away from a girl who wants the guy to pay for everything and do what she wants (as well as maybe prepare everything); a beta won’t.

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