Roosh VS. Christian Nice Guys

I am a Christian who thinks that sex outside of marriage is morally upright in our current time.  This post doesn’t address sex outside of marriage, but another sin – gossip.  The Bible denigrates gossip throughout the Bible, whether you read the OT or the NT.  God despises gossip so much that it makes it on the list of sins that God hates (Proverbs 6).

Rooshv readers know that he had a change to throw a friend of his under a bus (see this post, “Your Friend is Creepy“) and he didn’t.  So far as I know, Roosh is not a Christian and could have easily betrayed his friend in the situation, but he didn’t.  When I read this story I was impressed because a similar story happened to me recently, only I was watching this happen.  I don’t want to go into details, or else I’ll be guilty of gossip myself, but suffice to say I watched as several people, who are devout Christians staying pure until marriage, betrayed a close friend of theirs to suck up to a girl accusing the guy who was not around as “creepy.”  I defended the guy, even though  the people attacked me for “not knowing him well.”

Later, I told both of the individuals that I didn’t think what they did was Biblical, and asked if they would tell their friend to his face what they thought.  They did not and admitted that they would not (while asking me to keep it quiet from him).

My point here is that I find it ironic how sex outside of marriage is so wrong, yet examples of gossip and deceit are ubiquitous in the average Christian church.  When you solve all the gossip and lying problems in your church, then you can preach about how terrible sex is on my blog.

I’ll be waiting.



  1. Can you show me where in the bible it says sex outside of marriage is upright?

  2. Actually, sex before marriage is not prohibited in the bible, neither is pre-marital sex a sin.
    It’s a church myth, circulated by people who are too lazy to read the bible. All it does is
    frustrates christians sexually and leads to human misery.

    In Leviticus 15, it says that if a man lies with a woman and there is an emission of semen, then the sin is impurity. That means all men are sinners because they emit semen. Strangely it is also a sin for women to have their period!! Men shouldn’t marry and have their lives ruined when they can have biblically endorsed concubines instead.

    Why do you think Jesus consorted with prostitutes? Because when righteous men try and pick-up women, Satan works through those women’s minds to frustrate the efforts of those men.
    Satan’s strategy is to frustrate the creation, because human sexual enjoyment and fulfilment promotes love and peace and Satan is an enemy of those things.
    The most violence, rage and anger comes from societies where men are sexually frustrated through erroneous religious teachings (Islam, Christians) The end result is violence, rage and anger against women and God, leading to war. Men should go to prostitutes when women won’t open their legs!

    1. Nice “exegesis” there, Rev Lovejoy: “Have you ever even read this thing? Technically, we’re not allowed to go to the bathroom.”
      You said that bodily emissions are sin, but the Bible only says they were (note the past tense) ritually unclean under Mosaic law.
      You said that men should go to prostitutes, but the Bible says to flee fornication. The Greek word for fornication, porneia, literally means prostitution (but it isn’t limited to that).
      Of course, I doubt you care.

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