Female Entitlement 101

This year, I only found three females as roommates because the applying guys were unable to sustain jobs or pay the necessary rent.  I have learned new things about female entitlement since living with these women in the few hours a week that I am around them (lucky for me, I am seldom at home) that I think some men may be missing, which may explain to help why women don’t value men who “adore” them.

These females roommates of mine consume massive amounts of empowerment and entitlement.  For an example, the TV shows and music they tend to consume center around men praising women.  I didn’t even know songs existed where men basically said lyrics along the line of, “I would do anything for you even if it meant risking my life” (I don’t know the exact words).  I tend to listen music which covers adversity, so I knew nothing of this female-worship music.  When you consider that women consume this stuff, you begin to realize that a woman won’t value a man who worships her as she receives plenty of it already.

Add to that TV shows where men are losers and women are goddesses (as how men and women are portrayed).  A month ago, I came hom at 4AM to watch as two female roommates were watching some show where two guys tried everything they could to please a few women.  The women on the show mocked the men for being desperate, but enjoyed the attention.  While watching this show (again, clueless on what it was), I could see how these females would interpret any action that these fictional men did as a portrayal that they were a loser.  On top of that, these females sat and talked about their experiences with men who did these same things, even though I suspect that they were stretching some events (I am skeptical because one of my friends liked one of my roommates, but his actions, which were not that desperate, were interpreted as him being “extremely desperate” – whatever).

In a sense, most women already have amazing imaginary boyfriends – and you won’t ever live up to them!  You might as well be the guy who sleeps with her and dumps her because the guy who praises her is already taken by celebrities she thinks that she has a chance with.


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