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Female Entitlement 101

This year, I only found three females as roommates because the applying guys were unable to sustain jobs or pay the necessary rent.  I have learned new things about female entitlement since living with these women in the few hours a week that I am around them (lucky for me, I am seldom at home) […]

Roosh VS. Christian Nice Guys

I am a Christian who thinks that sex outside of marriage is morally upright in our current time.  This post doesn’t address sex outside of marriage, but another sin – gossip.  The Bible denigrates gossip throughout the Bible, whether you read the OT or the NT.  God despises gossip so much that it makes it […]

Pages Updated

I’ve updated the following pages: Ages of Women Why I Didn’t Reply


I’ll be building a blogroll soon, linking some blogs that I enjoy, which feature pro-man stuff.  Due to a pat-on-the-back mentality of blogging, I tend to avoid blogrolls on other blogs.  However, I like the idea of promoting blogs that help men, so if you want to exchange links, let me know and I’ll be […]

Why Women Enter the Pick-Up Community

Two words: money, traffic. Make no mistake, the Red Pill community, manosphere and pick up community bring in tons of traffic.  And some men are willing to pay a pretty penny for pick up advice.  An attractive woman might find this industry a breeze – not only would her writing appeal to former beta males […]

“BOO-HOO, It Sucks To Be A Man”

Sometimes, I read men in the manosphere griping about how it’s becoming harder and harder to be a man.  In some cases, this can be true.  And feminists also have their own form of this, such as Rosin, asserting that we’re (men) coming to an end, but let’s look at the modern world for men. […]

Women With Money = Bad Wives

From a feminist: peculiar new trend: women who are financially dependent on their husbands tend to be faithful, while, paradoxically, financially dependent men tend to stray One 2010 study showed that when a woman’s contribution to household income tops 60 percent, the couple is more likely to divorce. In other words, don’t marry a woman […]