Ages of Women

As more posts appear on this blog and other players write various methods, one thing that’s lacking is a female-age understanding.  Many men will say things like NAWALT or “This one girl I know is the exception” without calling attention to the age of the particular woman.  Make no mistake, as women age, their tastes may differ because their agenda becomes different than before.  This is why becoming familiar with this page will help you understand the female psyche and her agenda.

Also, refer to this post by heartiste to understand the hamster reference, especially as it refers to age.

0 – 13 Little Female Years

Nothing to write here other than some girls are young, playful and often receive a lot of attention because they are cute and silly.

13 – 25 Peak Female Years

A female attains her sexual market peak.  As you may know, in most states, a woman is not of legal age until 18, and therefore only enjoys a sexual peak with older men of 18-25.  However, if you’re a high school or junior high boy, understand the girls in your age bracket are at their peak.

A female’s agenda here is exploring herself in a myriad of ways.  It is next to impossible to marry an attractive girl at this age, as they receive more attention because of their youth and beauty.  Tons of beta orbiters worship girls in this age bracket, making girls think that they have an endless amount of opportunity in dating.  This is also the age where most men act the dumbest around girls and believe that these girls are “innocent.”  The reality is opposite.  This is also the only female age bracket where you will meet a female 10, 9 or 8.

Examples in action: think of how celebrities act – like they can do anything.  Girls who are 9s and 10s in this age bracket carry the exact same attitude – the world belongs to them and no one should be able to stand in their way.  On top of that, many of these girls have older men who are interested in them (even if it isn’t legal) and begin to learn advanced game methods from these older men in how they are approached.

26 – 38 Baby/Financial Agenda Female Years

After 25 or during that year, a female loses her beauty and youth.  Since her sexual market value declines, some females will choose to try and find a mate and begin pumping out babies.  Other females begin to tire of their careers and desire a man to subsidize their lifestyle.  Depending on how many “experiences” she had before this age bracket, she may also desire a man to subsidize more experiences.  Note that any reference to love in this age bracket can be translated as function – he’s my back up plan to get pregnant (she can always cheat on him when she’s ovulating as most married men don’t paternity test); he’s my source of new financially expensive experiences; he’s my source of a leisure filled life.

These are the years when you’ll hear most men brag that, “My [girlfriend/fiance/wife/daugher/sister/cousin] has grown up.”  In reality, she’s not attractive anymore so she doesn’t have the options she had.  Now that her options are limited, she needs to get her babies and money quickly – if she wants those, as she isn’t becoming more attractive.  This age bracket also demarcates the alpha males from beta males too: any man talking up his girl within this age bracket to others is a beta or worse.  For instance, if a man describes his girl within this age range as, “Mmm, she’s … okay,” he’s either an upper beta or alpha.  Any man saying something positive without hesitation is a lower beta or worse.

You can easily determine if a woman is over 25 by looking at her hands and/or feet.  After 25, a woman will have an old hands and feet appearance that grows older each year after 25 (you can compare these body parts to a younger woman and see the obvious difference).

Examples in action: the behavior of females in this age bracket mirror the Susan Walshes and Dr. Helen Smith’s of the world – they suck up to men, talk about how they “grew up,” and learned moral lessons.  They will even mock imitate men, if it attracts a man of higher status.  Women in this age bracket know that they can’t act anyway they want and thus express their “moral lessons” they learned from their poor behavior of being younger.  These “lessons” are attempts to try to attract a man who may have been a victim, but only if he holds high enough status.

39 + Obsolete Female Years

Women will do various things after they turn 36 to remain interesting, but it’s important to note that they become obsolete at this point.  They write books (like EPL), start businesses, “spend time with interesting people” (a cover up for being a loser), etc because they are sexually obsolete.  A woman at this age might only attract a lesser beta, but more than likely worse than that.  The major reason is that all of the 7s from the Baby/Financial Agenda Female Years have dropped to a maximum value of 2.  Every year beyond 39, a woman loses a full point in sexual market value.  In other words, by 40 a woman is a one or lower.  Some women will even go an extra mile and really suck up to men, telling them all the things they want to hear with the hope that they can maintain some sort of relevance to the opposite sex.  This usually fools the lower betas.

Also, if a woman hasn’t given birth to a baby by 39, she’ll experience huge hindrances beyond that age.  While it’s not impossible, it will be difficult.  On top of that, any natural pregnancy would be the result of a lesser beta, meaning that the sperm quality is much lower (most EvoPsychs think that an alpha carries superior sperm to a beta).

Final thought: women are utilizing their personal advantages to maximize their strategies in the mating market.  Obviously, as a woman ages, her strategies become kinder, as she cannot afford to act the way she did when she was younger, but even the poor behavior of a woman in her youth reflects her ultimate desire to attract a good quality mate.  “Good quality” differs in what a woman is capable of attracting.  This final thought exists because some men become bitter and angry at women without realizing that they, too, would act in a similar fashion if they had as many options as young women do.  In fact, as men begin to have these options, they often find themselves acting in an analogous male way to the female behavior of beautiful youth.  Ultimately, we shouldn’t be putting men or women on a pedestal, but Jesus Christ.

Added: Deti makes some excellent additions.  While I haven’t completed it yet (and this post will probably change a bit over time), I am still working on Ages of Men, as I expect most of my readers are men who are seeking a message of hope (trust me guys, there’s excellent news for you that the media don’t want to tell you!).



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  2. This is great. It is really important for men to understand this, especially Christian men.

    A few suggested additions:

    13-25 Peak female years:

    Women in this age group are at their most physically attractive. It will be easiest for them to marry at this time — but it is also easiest for them to get sex from the most attractive men.

    Women during this time believe that their lives will always be as they are during this time period: that their lives will always be a sexual cornucopia; they will always be this attractive; they will be able to pull men at 42 as they did at 22; that men will always line up to date and court them; and that they will be able to marry the man of their dreams when they are good and ready to marry. They are completely blindsided when they smack up against The Wall around age 28 to 31.

    Men are at the nadir of their sexual market values. Inexperienced men project their views onto women, thinking that their kindness, looks and offers of commitment will snag them many women. After all, their church leaders have told them that women are just out there looking for love and commitment from potential husbands.

    26-38 Baby/Financial Agenda years:

    Women in this age group are about to meet Reality up close and personal. Sometimes it’s The Wall: The phenomenon in which her body begins to lose its sexual attractiveness. Sometimes it’s career: She finds out working for a living is tough. It requires hard work, long hours and singular devotion that she never thought it involved based on her watching CSI: Miami or Dance Moms or the Kardashians. Either way, she’s figured out that Plan B (or C, or P, or W) needs to be kicked in. She’s on the prowl for a husband.

    Men are just reaching their sexual market peaks in their early 30s. They are coming into their own. It is at this time when men need to be selective. Unlike a woman, whose SMV rockets from age 13, reaches its zenith around age 23, then plummets to earth around age 27; his sexual market value will peak around age 30, then plateau, then decline very slowly.

    1. And it is my opinion that you are an ignorant fool and a disgrace to humanity for speaking so cruelly and decidedly.

    2. I hate feminists and mgtow they are the same · · Reply

      Wow you think a womans smv “”rockets from age 13….” Go to hell you disgusting pedophile

  3. Deti,

    Awesome stuff. I added your comment to the page. I’ll be updating it; this is a first draft, and you make some excellent insight about men and women. My page for men will be a little different and longer and you’re already highlighting some of the stuff men should definitely know.

  4. Generally agreeable, but you run the risk of encouraging female despair. That is admittedly a temptation in this climate of overweening feminist privilege and arrogance, but keep in mind that in order to achieve cultural metanoia we will have to bring women along with us. It won’t work if we label women useless after age 39.

    Mature women are not obsolete. In fact the very thought of labeling them as such raises my ire, considering that the best people I have ever known, living saints each one of them, were the matriarchs of my family. They are mothers and grandmothers. If a 40-year-old has done it right — as we hope women eventually do — she will have had her kids young. Around the age of her sexual obsolescence, she must have new avenues to dignity, whether as matriarch or in the educational/business opportunities she correctly deferred in order to become a mother. To the extent we fail to honor those opportunities, we fail to encourage them to defer. Granted, these opportunities are much more limited than our present culture has the courage to accept, but it is the carrot by which we can persuade modern women brought up to believe they “can have it all.”

    Feminist presumption is destructive because it thinks it can overlay masculine ambition on top of the feminine instinct for motherhood. Mid-30s to mid-40s is relatively young when female life expectancy is leaping toward mid-80s. There is plenty of time for a woman to pursue masculine things once they are liberated from their hormonal tyranny. The feminist error can be regarded, in part, as a mistake of timelines. While girls today are pursuing education and career, they are deferring motherhood. If they do it vice-versa, they align their life with biological imperatives. That is a feasible dynamic.

    So, you are correct to label women obsolete in a certain sense, just as the entire game community is correct to do so in the face of feminist lies to the contrary. But beyond their sexual market value, women have an entire life to live. Among the last words of Christ before his triumph:

    When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!”

    Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.

    Our Holy Mother is the model for all women, and indeed, all mankind. Mary Immaculate: “Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.”

    He has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden.
    For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed;
    for he who is mighty has done great things for me,
    and holy is his name.

    Feminism has created sharp divisions between the sexes. But reconciliation is possible in the love of Christ. It is our duty to re-translate this difficult concept into terms palatable to daughters of the transition and beyond.


  5. Matt,

    Thanks for the feedback. I should clarify that by obsolete, I am referring solely to the sexual marketplace. A woman can still do things after 39; maybe even have kids. But in the sexual marketplace she is obsolete.

    Like you say, “So, you are correct to label women obsolete in a certain sense, just as the entire game community is correct to do so in the face of feminist lies to the contrary. But beyond their sexual market value, women have an entire life to live.” Exactly! And a woman, who’s made wise decisions in her youth, will see an ability to lead young women that women, who’ve made numerous mistakes, won’t.

    1. How dare both of you to decide so certainly that any person, especially a woman, becomes obsolete. You’ve appointed yourself a judge but you are an arrogant self-righteous fool.

  6. age 39 + Obsolete years

    A woman’s SMV at 40+ looks much like a young man’s does between the ages of 13 and 25. There are a fortunate few men between 13 and 25 who are naturals with women and do well with them. But the vast majority of these men are sexually invisible.

    So it is with women 40 and over. There are a fortunate few women over 40 who have not yet hit The Wall and have been able to retain their looks and body shape for a time. And they can still pull men for the time being in their age group for dates and sex (even this will come to an end for all women, because all women — ALL WOMEN, every single one of them — hit The Wall). But the vast majority of these women are sexually invisible.

    An unmarried or divorced man can usually date well at 40 +. Despite the unrelenting media reports, unmarried or divorced women usually fare poorly. They either date way, way down; or they find themselves used for pump & dumps; or they don’t date at all.

    1. Who do you think you are to speak so cruelly. You are not worthy of a good woman and the women who would be with a jerk like you must be fools.

  7. The neopagans are not totally off base with their retrofitting of Celtic female deities into the Maiden/Mother/Crone model. The Maiden aspect is what’s relevant to the SMP and after she hits the wall it’s fair to say that a woman is worthless in that aspect. She needs to find her worth in the mother and crone roles, raising her kids and teaching the younger women. Feminists in their solipsism rebell against crone wisdom and detest motherhood because both of those things concern others.

  8. Pode – the older I become, the more I realize that we haven’t learned as many “new” things as we think. To quote Solomon, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” There are a few new things, with some old truths constantly in play.

    By the way, I didn’t know that about the neopagans, so thank you for informing me. I learned something new!

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  10. It’s cute when people try to pass off their personal preferences as fact. And by cute I mean fucking retarded and vile.

    1. Agreed!

  11. “After 25, a woman will have an old hands and feet appearance that grows older each year after 25 ”


  12. The Christian Idiot

  13. 13!!!! – 25 Peak Female Years

  14. the feminist number line by age its so true and brutal enjoy

  15. Is it true? I have to mention about this. I have to admit that Christian girls are the most beautiful girls on this planet. Their mind is perfect. Most of them are beautiful in the heart and they believe in God. I like their attitude about relationship and marriage. Christian women consider marriage as a lifeterm commitment. They select the best man to marry with. So, getting married with a Christian girl is like a dream for every guy.

  16. Pettersen Olsen (poorly evolved primate) · · Reply

    More proof that christians are retarded

  17. Jerry · · Reply

    Not to funny. Humor cannot hide pain.

  18. Where I worship myself, demonstrate I know nothing about women and give off creepy pedo vibes.

    1. Agreed and glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  19. I think you are a horrible person. You are obviously cocky and take on a patronizing, cynical view. You have no respect for women and you should not represent yourself as a Christian person. It disgusts me that you are giving advice and it is clear that in your mind you see yourself as being correct. You are an asshole.

  20. ” For instance, if a man describes his girl within this age range as, “Mmm, she’s … okay,” he’s either an upper beta or alpha. Any man saying something positive without hesitation is a lower beta or worse.”

    I’m sorry that you didn’t get enough love or “recognition” and that therefore you are a misogynist with a grudge against women because that’s all this is. Grow up, get your head out of your ass, and show some respect.

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