Why I Didn’t Reply

When I started this blog, I knew that a few Christians would come over and begin arguing with me about my view on the Bible, theology and promiscuity.  Heck, I knew that even some non-Christians would argue with me as well – this is just part of it (“U HYPOCRITE! HOW CAN U CALL URSELF A XTIAN AND SLEEP WITH WOMYN!”).  I’m glad that this blog will attract those who agree, those who disagree, those who don’t care, and those who are trolls.

However, I maintain a full schedule unlike some bloggers, who apparently have tons of time to respond to comments, comment at other blogs, make large amounts of money at work, manage to do a full fitness routine, and hook up with women (sometimes I wonder how much of these “stories” are true).  I’ll admit, I’m somewhat skeptical because even though I am a master at time management, I couldn’t do half of what these others claim to do due to time restrictions.

How much am I getting paid to write this?  Nothing.  How much am I getting paid at work and to further that skill set?  A lot; why would I spend more time on this then I have to?  It’s called basic economics – learn it.  I want to help young men see that they don’t have to choose between Jesus and sex, not debate doctrinal views about sex.  On top of that, most Christians, as already seen by the comments and emails, don’t reflect a deep knowledge of Scripture, but a parroting of mainstream cultural views – not something the Bible would actually support.

In other words, I will not respond to comments that match a specific criteria, as follows:

1.  Your comments reflect that you haven’t read the Bible many times.  I’ve read the Bible over 10 times and most Christians haven’t read it once from cover to cover, which has already become obvious in the comments.  Also, pulling random passages that fit with your worldview while ignoring major theological concepts, such as dispensationalism, is absurd.  Why don’t miracles happen anymore?  Why don’t people speak in tongues anymore?  Why don’t we see the Holy Spirit come down upon us anymore?  Obviously, some passages and commands happen for a time and place ONLY.  If you don’t understand this, (1) you have read very little of the Bible and (2) don’t understand basic theology.  I don’t care if you don’t accept dispensationalism or understand it; find someone to argue with about it, but this isn’t the place.  In other words, this blog assumes certain theological concepts and if you lie outside those assumptions, this isn’t the blog for you in the first place.

2.  Your comments are blatantly antagonistic.  The blogging world attracts people like this (in some ways, the game community is antagonistic).  Antagonistic people aren’t interested in discussions; they are interested in trolling and grabbing attention.  Once again, my purpose is to help young men stay committed to Jesus Christ, not provide trolls with attention platforms.

3.  You fail to understand that God created women for men (Genesis 2 – note that God says “it is not good that man should be alone” after Genesis 1 where He constantly sees how everything is good).  Along with number one, if you don’t understand this, you are completely wasting your time on this blog.  WOMEN WOULD NOT EXIST IF MEN DIDN’T WANT THEM.  Read that again.  Good, now read it again.  The entire Christian church ignores this, but this is THE ONLY REASON God created women – for men.  When women refuse to submit to men, there is no Biblical evidence that God requires men to continue honoring women.

4.  You erect strawman on my positions.  I never said having sex with married women was right.  I never said having sex with women who had boyfriends or fiances was right.  I never said having sex with prostitutes was right.  Sure, women can lie about being single, but that responsibility in those cases falls on their shoulders, not mine.  Dishonoring a woman, who is not honoring God is one thing, dishonoring an innocent man is unacceptable.  Keep David and Bathsheba in mind here – God did not punish David for committing adultery, but for dishonoring an innocent man.

In a similar sense, a woman who is remaining a virgin until marriage and honoring God’s rule of submission is NOT a woman to game, manipulate or attempt to sleep with.  You are dishonoring her and yourself in the process – she is obeying God.  That’s not to say that you should submit to or worship her, but lead her in righteousness as God calls you to do that.  Most women, if not all, do not fall into this category.

5.  You represent mainstream Christianity in that you condemn sex, while ignoring sins God actually hates (Proverbs 6).  Sex outside of marriage isn’t a sin God hates.  Let me write that again, sex outside of marriage isn’t a sin God hates.  Lying, gossip, and murder are sins that God hates.  Most Christians miss the mark here when they paint sex as one of the worst sins, even though the Bible never states this.  Likewise, all sin is NOT equal in God’s eyes and nowhere in the Bible does it state that (all sin carries the punishment of Hell without a Savior, but that does not mean that all sin is equal).

Like Christians who misquote “the love of money is the root of all evil,” having and wanting money isn’t a sin – it’s when it interferes with your relationship with Christ that it becomes a sin (or you begin breaking other rules because of it – see the rest of the passage).  Sex outside of marriage with women who refuse to obey God is not condemned in the Bible, but if it interferes with your relationship with Christ, it places you in dangerous territory.  Likewise, if it causes you to have sex with married, engaged or taken women, you are now sinning in that you are affecting an innocent man.

If you want a debate, I suggest you find some other place to do so.  Ultimately, this blog reaches out to those young men who think they have to give up Christianity in order to finally enjoy life, and that is not true.



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  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    Lol. Found your blog when I googled “Garmlich Effect” to see if it was real. I am an atheist, but I have a lot of respect for your views, and you seem very well versed in the bible. I don’t agree with treating women as you think they should be necessarily (e.g. women were made for men), but if you believe in the bible, that is exactly what the bible teaches, so I think you’re doing right by God, if that’s your mission.

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